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Socially-Responsible Stocks

Bicycles & Bicycle Products Companies

Italicized listings are for Bulletin Board/OTC/Pink Sheet stocks.

BIKEQ.PK - Cannondale Corporation

Cannondale Corporation manufactures and distributes high performance bicycles, clothing, shoes and bags, bike trailers and other bicycle accessories. Around 2000 it expanded its line to include off-road motorcycles. This was a mistake. While the bicycle business remained profitable, Cannondale lost money hand over fist on the motorsports division. In Jan. 2003 Cannondale announced it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and selling its assets to Pegasus Partners II, which was expected to continue the bicycle side of the Cannondale business. (MBJ Jan. '03)

Socially Irresponsible?

HUF - Huffy Sports

Huffy designs, manufactures, sells bicycles, basket-ball backboards, lawn and garden tools, and inventory assembly. Huffy also furnishes services for retail. In 1999, facing tough competition from Chinese imports, Huffy closed its last U.S. plants and moved the rest of its manufacturing to China. According to a May 10, 2000 Reuters article, activists have charged that there are "inhumane conditions" at Huffy's factories in China. (Note, 5-08: Russell Corporation aquired Huffy in 2004. In 2006, Berkshire Hathaway bought The Russell Corporation.)

No longer publicly-traded

ATYR - American Tire Corporation

[In 2/01, I noticed that their symbol was delisted on their website no longer up.] American Tire Corporation is a development stage company, and it intends to engage in manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and sale of airless specialty tires and tire-wheel assemblies.

BSPT, BSPTG - Bell Sports Corp.

Bell Sports Corporation designs, manufactures, markets and distributes bicycle accessories, bicycle helmets, and auto racing helmets. [Bell was purchased by Schwinn/Questor in fall 1998, and Schwinn is privately held. And no, I don't know why they had two different stock symbols, either. The charts were different, so they're weren't the same thing somehow...] Their web address is <bellsports.com>, but I'm not linking to it because their genius web designer disabled the Back button on their site so if you clicked over to there you wouldn't be able to return here.

BYCL - Fremont Corp.

Fremont Corp., through its subsidiaries, is engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of bicycles, bicycle parts and componets, steel tubes, and exercise equipment. (Yahoo, 7-00) [Delisted on 8-22-03.]

GTBX - GT Bicycles, Inc.

GTBX, designs, manufactures and markets mountain and juvenile BMX bicycles, parts and accessories, as well as parts and accessories of other manufacturers, to independent bicycle dealers. [GT went private in fall 1998.]

RSHX - Rockshox

Manufactures suspension products (mostly suspension forks for mountain bikes). [Purchased by SRAM in Feb. 2002, which isn't publicly traded.]

WPB.V - Worldbike

Manufactures a special crank which grows longer on the downstroke for greater efficiency and injury prevention. (MBJ) (Note, 6-00: Symbol has been delisted and company's website no longer works.)  

PTII - PTI Holdings

Manufactures bicycle helmets and bicycle accessories. (Note, 5-08: No longer trading, web site no longer works)

TRBX - TRB Systems

Makes a special kind of bicycle which is powered by pumping the pedals up and down, instead of spinning them. (Note, 5-08: All but stopped trading on 4/21/08)

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