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  • Sources of Non-Leather Shoes, Belts, etc.

    You don't have to order online to get non-leather shoes. Most discount shoe stores (like Payless) offer a wide variety of non-leather shoes, though they're likely to be made with sweatshop labor.  But an advantage of going mail-order is that many retailers carry non-sweatshop-made products.  Here are the vegan shoe and belt retailers we were able to find.

    All Vegan

    Anti-Sweatshop statement

    Vegan Store / Pangea

    purses, briefcases, bodycare, cleaning products,
    t-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets, buttons, sweets
    Yes, strong (no Chinese brands)

    The Vegetarian Site

    books, videos, personal care
    Yes, strong

    Vegan Essentials

    clothing, bodycare, cosmetics, candles,
    household products, pet foods, chocolates
    Yes, strong

    Autonomie Project

    Yes, strong
    (+Fair Trade)
    Beyond Skin

    Women's pricey designer shoes.  Bridal available.
    U.K. manufacturer (ships to U.S.).
    (made in Spain)

    Moo Shoes

    shirts, jackets, cosmetics, books, DVD
    Yes, medium

    Vegan Chic

    Yes, weak

    Alternative Outfitters

    shirts, cosmetics, personal care
    Yes, weak

    Vegetarian Shoes (UK)


    Heartland Products

    baseball gloves



    (made in USA)



    Vegan options


    no, but they offer a number of shoes marked sweatshop-free

    Planet Shoes


    Those looking for non-leather, non-sweatshop running shoes have only a few choices:
    • Some of New Balance's running shoes are non-leather, and some (25%) of their shoes sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S.   Whether they're leather or nonleather isn't marked on the shoe, and they don't bother to list it on their website either; you have to call New Balance (800-253-7463) to inquire about which models are currently non-leather.  The shoes made in the U.S. are marked on the shoe.  New Balance warns that their nonleather shoes aren't necessarily vegan, since the glue du juor may contain animal ingredients.  I encourage consumers not to get too hung up on that, since all "vegan" products include some animal deaths somewhere along the lines too.  (For example, how much habitat was destroyed to extract, ship, refine, and reship the petroleum used in nonleather shoes?)
    • At Zappo's you can enter "made in USA" into the search box, and tick "Vegan" in the filtering box.  Note that doesn't show any New Balance shoes, probably because New Balance is up front that their glues might have animal products.  Probably the other manufacturers use animal-ingredient glues also, but if they're not up front about it then they get listed at Zappos while New Balance doesn't.
    • Hersey is a custom shoe-crafter which makes shoes by hand according to the tracing you send them.  Be prepared to spend at least $210 for your first pair (though your shoes can be "serviced" for much cheaper later on).  Make sure to specify non-leather if that's what you want.  I own a pair of these myself.

    List of "Cruelty-free" products

    The best guide to products not tested on animals is "Personal Care for People Who Care", published by the National Anti-Vivisection Society (2005). This volume clearly describes which cosmetic and household products are tested on animals and which aren't. (Order a copy, ~$4.00 inc. shipping.)


    Other products:
    • Vegetarian Vitamin  
    • Lucky Vitamin.  Not all their products are vegetarian, but just put "vegetarian" in the search box to find them.  Their prices are a fair bit lower than Vegetarian Vitamin.
    And while we're on the subject, lots of vitamins contain non-vegetarian ingredients.  For example, Stearic acid, a common ingredient of tablets, is usually from an animal source.  Capsules are usually made from gelatin, which comes from tendons and ligaments.  And even when you buy a product labeled "Vegetarian Capsules", the "vegetarian" usually refers only to the capsule material itself, and not the contents of the capsule!  (The two manufacturers I contacted, Solaray and Thorne, confirmed that "vegetarian" refers only to the capsule material and not what's inside the capsule.  Go figure.)


  • Why be vegetarian? Save animals, get healthy, lose weight, help the planet -- take your pick!
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  • Vegetarianism and the Environment.  Meat production involves horrific amounts of water, land, energy, and pollution, compared to plant foods. Going veg. is the easiest way to lessen your impact.
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