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THANK YOU for taking the mystery and fear out of this process for me.
This explanation in check-list form is so usable and understandable. As a single woman the prospect is now exhilarating and veryy encouraging at the prospect of being someone controlling the future of my own money. —anonymous reader • October 2008

I just finished reading your website and I just wanted to thank you so much for all the valuable information. My husband and I are thinking of buying our first home together and really have no clue where to start. Now after reading your 'guide', I feel like an informed buyer and, now I at least understand what the terms mean. =) Thanks again! Wish us luck! Take care, —Helen Cheung, MD • March 2008

Thank you!  I can't thank you enough. I'm 55yrs. old and buying my first house and I was loosing my mine, until I stumbled across your site.  I wish there were more people like you (willing to give free valuable information). You are a  Angel sent by God. Jennifer F.

I just finished reading you free guide and wanted to thank you for having that available for someone like me who is clueless about buying a house.  I've made it a favorite and will refer to this many more time through this experience.  I just can't thank you enough! — Dina Reeves, Nov. '06

I stumbled onto your website from a Google search and I find it totally awesome.  I am a Realtor a couple of years ago I put together a 100 page pamphlet/glossary of terms that I share with my clients to refer to when they can't reach me right away.  Great job on the content. Naima, Dallas, TX, Dec. '05

My wife has been after me about buying a house for the past five years. I kept putting her off saying it would cost too much, or I didn't understand it and we would get ripped off. Thanks to your website, the latter is no longer true, and the former can be worked on. I now understand the basics of home buying. Any unanswered questions, I don't even have to ask you, because you inform readers of who can answer those questions. Thank you for the information you provided. — SGT Anthony J Schwartztrauber, Oct. '05

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have decided to buy a home within the next year.  I'd started calling realtors and lenders to start educating myself [but]  I was lost in their lingo.  I then decided to search the web and voila, I found your site.  It's answering every question I could possibly ask.  Thank you for your wonderful contribrution.  — Christi Gates, MHW, CNA, Wichita, KS, Oct. '05

I just want to say thank you for the informative website you have on how to buy a home, assuming a loan, qualifications for a loan, etc. You clearly define some of the topics I was scratching my head on and the way you conveyed it is easy to understand. Thanks for all that you do & the impact you made. — Hong Tran, May '05

What a good heart you have to publish the real estate tips on your site for free. Thank you so much. -- ESuzannie, May '04

Thanks Michael for your How to Buy a House website.  It is very helpful, an A+ .  It will help a great number of people, including my family. Dennis Kelly, Haslett, Michigan, Feb. '04

My sisters and I have just decided to start to saving to buy a house. I want to thank you for you tips. They were easy to understand and gave us an idea on what we had to do to get started. By visiting other websites I was a bit intimidated and thought that our dream of owning a house would never become a reality ( I know I sound corny). Thanks to you site my hopes are up again that this may become a reality and it is not as frustrating and confusing. Thank you. -- Ondia Lawrence, Feb. '04

Hey just wanted to say that your site has helped me allot in understanding what the hell I am about to do, I am buying my first house in Virginia. Thanks a million. Sager Aslam, Feb. '04

I bought a house last spring and wanted to let you know that your "how to buy a house" page was infinitely helpful and the shove that really got me going! Sue, Ithaca NY, Jan. '04

Your site about how to buy a house was outstanding for rookie like me. You site has given me more information than the realtors and lenders. Joe Jacob, Arkansas., June '03

I have been searching the internet for a long time in search of a good "How To" for purchasing a home. Your website was very easy to navigate and particularly useful in determining information about downpayments, which is what I always wondered about. I am young, 21 years young, but now I feel confident that saving for a house is within my grasp. I am so tired of paying rent when I know that a mortgage would be just as feasible. Again thank you. Bernadette Joy, Washington D.C., Feb. '03

Just wanted to say I really really liked your website about buying a home for the first time!  I am meeting with a real estate agent tomorrow morning and beginning to figure all this stuff out about what I can afford and how to go about it. I read every step and was thouroughly enlightened! Thank you and it really is a great site for people who don't understand what a mortgage is and all the other stuff that goes along with it. So thanks again!  Enjoy the day! Amy Banovich, 8-02

Thank you so much for your website "How to Buy a House".  I am just beginning the process of buying my first house (AAAAAHHHHHH!!!) and your page has helped immensely! Phil Boyle, 6-02

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent website. The info is laid out very clearly and consisely -- exactly what my wife and I needed as we started researching our first house purchase. Much appreciated! Pete Gelbman, San Jose, CA, 5-02

I found your info. on buying a home very interesting...thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge... as a first time home buyer, I find a lot of this stuff quite overwhelming... I appreciate your website and you taking the time to explain everything in a friendly manner :) Dana Graff, New York, 5-02

My son-in-law called to find out how to buy their first house. The realtor had them all confused. I found your site and told him to look there. Confusion cleared.  I wish I had had your site 30 years ago. -- Judy Krause, 5-02

Thanks! I would have published this site 30 years ago, except that the Internet didn't exist then and I wasn't yet an organism capable of conveying useful information.

I would like to thank you for your great, practical site. It's a real breath of fresh air after going through all that other junk on the net and every body and their sister trying to sell you something. Aaron Brock, 4-02

Thanks! I looked and looked for something concise and to the point and finally found your site. What a breath of fresh air.....I printed it out and will use it as a guide. Sandy Carter, Palm Bay, FL, 4-02

I would like to thank you for taking your time to publish your website. It is going to be very useful to me and my wife as we search for our first home. Thanks again. Marc G Manzanares, 7-01

I just wanted to thank you for the wealth of information on your website. My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home and relocating to another state. You have given us a complete understanding of the entire process and "eased our worried minds". What a fantastic site! Thank you again. Susan Auger, 7-01

Thanks for the simplicity! Its exactly what I needed. I have justfinished reading this and I am in no way confused or brain-dead. Laurie Newman, MS, 2-01

WOW, thank you Michael. I am a first time home buyer...hopefully...and your website has helped me beyond all help! I have saved it so that I may refer to it over and over again while I go through this process. Thank you so much for sharing your years of experience, and knowledge. This has been a great find for me. Linda, 10-00

Your site was very informative! I had no idea what I was doing when I first starting looking, and unfortunately most folks are extremely ready to take advantage of "newbies" Thank you! I feel a lot more confident now. Joy from Iowa, 8-00

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