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Sorry, I can't help you. The website you're reading is my gift to you. Private consultation is not. I have over 9000 messages in my In Box and it's simply impossible for me to act as a free helpdesk to the world.

In any event, if I know the answer to your question, it's already on the site, since that's the whole point of the site. Some people seem to think that I'm intentionally withholding some of my info for some reason, but I promise you that's not the case. If I know about it, it's on the site, and if it's not on the site, I don't know about it.

Anyway, as I said, it's just impossible for me to act as a free helpdesk to the world. Though amazingly, some people will write saying, "I know you said not to write but I thought it couldn't hurt to try anyway. No, it does hurt, it wastes both your time and mine. I'm sorry, I can't help you.

Please don't write about United. Ever since I wrote my article about my bad experience with United, readers have been trying to send me their stories about United. Please don't. I don't have the time to publish them, and with over 9000 messages in my In Box, I actually don't even have time to read them.

Many people write asking how to resolve a problem with United, or with another airline. That pretty much misses the point of my article, which was that I completely failed to get satisfaction. If I couldn't get my issue resolved, how on earth could I help you?

Anyway, I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I'm afraid you'll have to tell someone else about it.

I can't help you with lost baggage. Some people see my article about my problem with United Airlines losing my bag and then write to me to see if I can help them with a bag they lost. That misses the point of the article, which was that I failed to get satisfaction. If I couldn't get my issue resolved properly, how on earth could I help you?

In any event, I have over 9000 messages in my In Box, and it's simply impossible for me to act as a free helpdesk to the world. Thank you for understanding.

I don't trade links, period.

By asking me to trade links you're basically saying, "Hi, your site sucks. If I thought it would benefit my readers I would have linked to it already. My site is pretty lame also and I know you wouldn't link to it unless I were bribing you with a return link."

Why would that be appealing to me?

Also, your site is likely worthless, because only crappy sites are the ones spamming my In Box looking for return links. And believe it or not, I like to recommend only quality sites to my readers, not crap.

You're also probably trying to trade links because you're desperate to improve your search engine rankings. Yeah, well that makes one of us. My search rankings are fine. You're the one who wants and something from me, not the other way around.

If you want good search rankings, do what I did: Build a quality site. It will attract links naturally and rank high naturally.

For more see my articles on Why your link exchange request failed and How to get good search engine rankings.

If you want me to join your affiliate program, you'd better tell me how it will benefit my readers If all you talk about is how much money I can supposedly make, your message will go straight to the trash.  I already have more money than I need, I'm not looking for more.  The way to sell me — and the only way to sell me — is to tell me exactly why your product or service will be helpful or useful to my readers.

If your service is similar to something I already list (like an airfare search engine), then I need to know exactly how your service is better than the ones I already list. I'm going for quality, not quantity. I don't list every single last airfare search engine I can find, I list only the best ones. How is yours better than what I already list, specifically? If you can't tell me then you won't get onto this site, simple as that.

Now, if you're able to tell me why my readers will love what you're offering, and why it's better than what I already list, then click the next-to-last word in this sentence.

I'm sorry, I'm not accepting advertising.
Corrections, new info and new site suggestions.  If you're suggesting an airfare-related site for me to list, then you absolutely must tell me in no uncertain terms exactly how it's better than the sites I already list. The only reason a site gets listed here is because it's better than what's currently listed.

Now, if you can tell me why the site you list is better than what I already recommend, then click the last word in this sentence.

Media inquiries / requests for interviews. Members of the media only can contact me at 512-402-4364, or by clicking the last word in this sentence.



Did you choose the right option?Almost everyone who chooses this "Other" option chose the wrong option. If you write to me from this section when your message really belongs in another section, you almost certainly will not get a reply.  If your message is truly "other", then click the last word of this sentence.


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