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Michael BluejayCheap Airfares is run by one person, me, Michael Bluejay.  I have other popular sites too.
I started this site in late 2000 after being frustrated trying to find cheap airfare on the web.  I spent a lot of time gathering tips and comparing search engine features, and it seemed a shame to let all that effort go to waste, so I published it on this website.  The site got fairly popular, thanks to at one time being the #5 result in Google for a search on "cheapest airfare".

Circa 2008, I vowed to stop flying because flying exacerbates climate change. Traveling domestically, I took trains or buses, and internationally, I crossed the oceans by cargo ship (three times).  After getting married and acquiring stepkids, I haven't been able to be 100% flight-free, but I try.  As I write this in 2021, it's been literally years since the last time I flew.  I do like to think that I've paid my dues environmentally by being car-free for 27 years, being a vegan since the 80s (long before it was fashionable), and not reproducing.

So why do I have a site about how to get the cheapest airfare if I hope you won't fly?  Because by running this site, I'm getting your attention.  Having a popular travel site lets me get my message in front of the very people I hope to reach: travelers.   I know that most people won't decide not to fly after seeing this message, but some will, and every little bit helps.  So it's ironic, but having a cheap airfare site is actually a good way for me to get some people to not fly.

Still, to get my message out this site has to be popular, and to be popular I have to provide excellent information, so I don't hold back on the goods just because I'm hoping you won't buy a ticket.  For example, here's something you'll rarely see anywhere else: Did you know that if you search any of the major engines (e.g., Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, CheapoAir), you won't see flights offered by Southwest Airlines, even though Southwest has some of the best U.S. fares around?  If you book on one of these sites for a route that Southwest serves there's a good chance you'll pay too much—probably not what you were expecting if you went to a site called something like "CheapoAir"!

If you were to try to find all the stuff I've got on this site on your own it would take you a long time, but now you don't have to, since it's all right here.  So if you do buy a ticket, this site won't just save you some money, it will also save you some time.

I hope the site is helpful to you, and let me know if you find anything that needs correcting.


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