Contact Michael Bluejay

I am not a helpdesk.

I'm happy to grant interviews for the media,
but I simply don't have time to answer questions about saving electricity, buying a house, or any other topic for the general public.
  I'm sorry.

However, personal messages are always welcome.

Please visit the Contact page of the site you're actually writing about. For convenience, here are some common ones: If the page in question doesn't have a Contact link, then as I've already pointed out above, in bold red type, I am not a helpdesk.
99.99% of the time when people choose the "Other" option, their message was really about one of the other options. If your message is actually about saving electricity or how to buy a house, for example, then please go back and choose the correct option. Otherwise, if your choice isn't listed, then here's my address if the option you need truly isn't listed.
Link exchanges are stupid and offensive. By offering to trade links, you're basically saying,
"Hi, your site sucks. If I thought it were worth linking to, I would have linked to it already. My site is pretty lame also, and you wouldn't link to it unless I were trying to bribe you."

My sites are already at the top of the search engines, so you have nothing to offer me. If your own site were worth anything you wouldn't be trying to beg links off me. Your time would be better spent improving your site than spamming people with link exchange requests. The way I got my sites to the top of the SERPs was by building quality. It wasn't by begging links off people who had already made quality websites. There's more in my article Why your link exchange request failed.

I have never responded favorably to any business inquiry.  I'm a multi-millionaire and you have nothing to offer me.  (e.g., $100 to link to your website does not get my attention.  Nor does your claim to improve my search engine rankings since mine are already better than yours and because I'm making more money with my sites than you are.)  However, if you're really eager to waste your time, then here you go.
I do not want your shitty guest post.  I'm an award-winning web publisher and you're nobody.  I will not litter my site with your crappy article (which you're offering just so you can slip in a link back to your equally worthless website).
Your inquiry is personal only if:
  1. You already know me, or
  2. Your message is about me, personally (not about one of my sites or its content, and not some question or comment you have about any topic other than me, personally)
Amazingly, 99.99% of the people who choose the personal option ignore the above, and send questions about saving electricity, disputes with online casinos, and all manner of other non-personal things. I never respond favorably to those messages.

So, if your message is truly personal (i.e., you read the above and you're not a complete idiot), then here's the address for a truly personal message.