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Moving Stuff by Bicycle

I've moved several times entirely by bicycle. Usually I've used a Worksman trike pulling a large 4'x3' trailer. I've hauled huge things with the Worksman, including couches and washing machines. It's funny how people tell me, "Oh, I wish I'd known you were moving, I have a car." As though we could fit a couch or a washing machine in their car! With a large trailer, I'm actually more mobile than I would be with a passenger automobile.

Here's a photo of my Worksman pulling two trailers, including one with a couch, and hauling my new oven home.

But while everyone seems amazed by this, the truth is, I'm not the only one. People in Europe, India, and Asia do this kind of thing all the time. And there are lots of others besides me even in the U.S. For example, the Yellow Bike Project moved the contents of its large bike shop to their new location entirely by bike. (I helped.) The second half of this video documents the move.

 hen I moved in Jan. 2003 I decided to take pictures to prove that I actually did it. A few things were different that time, though:

  • My trailer was in storage in Nevada for the Burning Man festival, so I used my pedicab (bicycle rickshaw).
  • I'd pared down my belongings somewhat. I didn't have a couch, bed, or washing machine. (I sleep on blankets and I use a laundromat.)

Once when I moved by bike my new home was four miles away, but this time my new place was only 2.5 miles away. Though what I saved in distance I made up for in hills -- straight up the super-steep MLK. That's not easy even without a load. Fortunately I could call on my vegetarian power.

Also, wouldn't you know it, I lost several of the photos! I have 12 photos below, and the next time I moved (in May 2003) I counted and found that I made 20 trips, so I'm missing about eight pics.

Kitchen stuff, clothes, hand truck, tools, bicycle rack

Clothes, cooler, blankets, pillows, computer accessories

Filing cabinet, power tools, scanner, clothes

Television, VCR's, trash cans, tools, papers

My black recumbent. This would easily go on my trailer, but not on the cab. So I rode it to my new place.

Keyboard stands, music equipment, files, tools, toner

I had to move the canopy too at some point, so I just installed it. I can't remember what the other items are.

Foldout hippy chair/bed, CD's, costumes, tent and camping gear. Note the bricks under the front which keeps the front-heavy bike from tipping forward while I take the picture.

PA speaker. Don't remember what the other items are.

Orange dresser with drawers & clothes, metal shelves, files. Note that I have the bike secured to a street sign so it doesn't tip over while I load up.

Book case, camping gear, stool, clothes, tools, oscillating floor fan.

Gotta move my other bikes, too. I rode the red recumbent while I steered the arm-cycle. It wasn't easy keeping the armcycle straight.
These last two pictures are from my May 2003 move. Try moving THAT in a car!

I did this because it's fun, interesting, and cheap. I don't necessarily recommend this way of moving, and most people can't do it anyway because they don't have the equipment. For those interested in the equipment, check out my guide to pedicabs and workbikes. Also, if the thought the feats above were impressive, I don't hold a candle to these guys.

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