HoC Dining Room Floor

Background. The house decided at a house meeting that those getting the tiles and working on the floor could choose the colors and design, based on the general preferences the house specified. I proposed a basic design to Jeremy & Kevin (who were shopping with me), and made some modifications based on their suggestions. We bought the tile to make that pattern. I also got several samples from various tile stores so people could help select the light color. Once I started dry-laying the tile, it became clear that my original design (massive checkers) wouldn't be practical for the room or easy to implement, plus we didn't have enough blue tiles. Since I had to come up with a new design, I went ahead and created several possibilities, laying them out on my computer to make sure they'd work. This way the house will be able to choose from several options.

What I need from you:

Please look over these patterns, and then rank your preferences on the marker board. The orientation of the drawings has the annex is on the left and the kitchen on the right. Some of the grout lines don't appear in the drawings because I had to reduce the images to fit the house computer's smaller screen, and a side effect of the reduction is that some of the grout lines disappeared.

If you don't like any of the patterns I came up with (or want to modify them), you're welcome to come up with your own plans yourself and poll the house. I spent several hours on these drawings, so it would probably take you a while. If you make your own drawings, be sure to use no more than 187 blue tiles and 77 green tiles (or 90% of each of those figures if you have a lot of cut pieces on the edges, to allow for bad cuts and breakage). There's no limit on light tiles, since they're cheap and we have to go buy more anyway since we underestimated our need.


This is a modified version of the original design I had planned. With the limited number of colored tiles, I put the plain part under the table where it will be less visible.