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Why cooperate?

Why humans cooperate. This article in Nature suggests that humans cooperate with each other out of a desire to punish freeloaders. (more...)

What is cooperation? Silas Kulkarni contributed these thoughts:

  • Co-operation is about being part of community of which you are an important member.
  • Co-operation is about having your voice be heard.
  • Co-operation is about learning to do things by doing them yourself, rather than having others do them for you.
  • Co-operation is about sharing your knowledge with others once you have learned.
  • Co-operation is about voluntary association for mutual benefit.
  • Co-operation is about the people who are affected by decisions being the people who make those decisions.
  • Co-operation is about being an owner rather than a renter, being an active participant in decision making, rather than a passive recipient of the decisions of "higher ups".

Evan adds: Cooperation is sharing costs to decrease expenses.

See also the Rochdale Principles of Cooperation.