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How you can help

  • Get on our email mailing list. That way we can easily keep you informed about what's going on. Send your email request to Ricardo Guerrero at mac.dude@bigfoot.com. (Your email address will not be given to anyone else. We hate spam as much as you!)

  • Get informed. Read the rest of this website to familiarize yourself with the issues.

  • Contribute to Friends of KOOP. Your support helps pay for mailings to advise KOOP's membership of important meetings and elections. And once we succeed in restoring accountability at KOOP, we'll turn over any and all remaining money to the new leadership of KOOP radio at the appropriate time. You can send your contribution to: Friends of KOOP, PO Box 13531, Austin, TX 78711-3531.
KOOP Radio thrives on member involvement. Thank you for your support!

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